The days are gorgeous again; the recent bitter cold and sinister storm have gone their way and we have returned to normal winter conditions here in Heaven. I am still contending the the residue of the flu. I feel tired and weepy and all that fun stuff. I’d actually like to put my head under my pillow for the next few days until the flu and Christmas are over, but I will be driving to spend Christmas with friends and I hope, by then, I’m more enthusiastic about life in general.

My mom used to complain that I was “always sick at Christmas.” I don’t know if I was or not, always, that is, but it was frequent. I think it was because germs are more rampant and there seems to be that weather change like that last week when we went, suddenly, from the 50s to the -10s. In any case…

And this is why I have not been enthusiastically writing the daily prompt or reading anyone else’s. Yesterday I made my mom’s fudge recipe, forgetting that it literally makes about 1 ton of fudge. I have no idea what I will do with 1 ton of fudge. I’m thinking of leaving it in baskets on doorsteps around town. I also made cookies that my grandma used to make — these cookies seem to be universal. I have heard them called “Mexican Wedding Cookies.” My Swedish grandmother called them “Snowballs.” Arab students I taught long ago recognized them as a dish from their own culture and shed homesick tears when they bit into the small balls of butter, flour and sugar. “We eat these in my home country, teacher!” So, whatever they are they are not Snowballs to the Arabs, nor Mexican Wedding Cookies to the Swede. I make them as I have since I was 10 or so, and for me they are something called ‘Christmas’… 🙂

Enthusiasm is one of my favorite words — meaning, literally, to have the breath of the gods breathed into you. In this case, I agree with Mr. Emerson, but I won’t be achieving anything great as I don’t have any enthusiasm now…



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  1. I’ve been down with it myself for a week. This is the first day I didn’t want to lie in bed, saying, “Oh God.” I was so sick I couldn’t get to town for medicine for two days. Yesterday, I finally made it to town and spent $83.00 on cold medicine–Oh God.

  2. Those little round cookies really are ubiquitous and yes, everyone seems to have something this time of year. I hate going into crowded places because I’m sure someone will sneeze on me. I don’t shake these viruses off quickly as in years past.

    My house is getting cleaned. I decided I would never be able to really do it. I can’t lift, can’t bend, and Garry doesn’t really have a homemaker’s touch. Too long a bachelor and he totally hates housework. On the upside, he’ll will iron, do laundry, shop, and shlep, so I figure I’m already ahead of the curve. However, because there’s a crew cleaning up 3 years of dust, I’m hunkered down out of the way trying to type on my bed. I think I’m giving up now.

    Just wanted to say hi, not ignoring comments, just can’t really do them until I have a chair to sit in! Feel better. Hope you find good homes for your fudge. Got a soup kitchen or shelter in town? Bet they’d like a few calories!

  3. My mom used to make them and she called them Russian Tea Cakes. Try as I might, I could never get the dough to form into little balls. I was tempted to dump the entire mess onto a cookie sheet and be done with it! Hope you feel better, Martha.

  4. You sound as if you are enhanced by God’s breath, having made all of those Christmas treats!
    I hope you are feeling well enough to really enjoy goodwill and friendship at this special time.
    I love the meaning of enthusiasm, thank you for that!

    • My Christmas has been 95% amazing and 2.5 % flu/2.5% this godawful election. It’s really been filled with the most amazing moments, like learning that a long ago student has grown up to be an inspiring teacher (HIS student found a blog post I’d written about him and she contacted me!), little perfect presents coming from surprising places, my beautiful town, my friends. I feel very blessed actually. ❤

  5. So glad the flu is only 2.5%
    3 of my grandchildren have had an up-chuck bug – and I do think these sorts of things are rife about now, even here where it’s summer. End of year, everyone is exhausted.
    My daughter and I have made two batches of gingerbread men, most given away to friends, neighbours and her husband’s work mates.
    By the end of next week, the other 19 members of my immediate family will have arrived, starting tomorrow. I too feel blessed.
    Happy Christmas to us all!

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