Dusty the Ever-Vigilant

“Relax, Dusty. It’s just the mail man. Not the apocalypse.”

“C’mon, Dusty, take it easy. It’s just four — wait five — white toy poodles charging the fence. No, you can’t go in there. Yes, that’s their person. COME ON Dusty, let’s GO!!!”

“Go ahead, Dusty. Run FREE! What do you MEAN that’s ‘running free’? You haven’t left my side. You don’t want to leave my side?”

“Relax, Dusty. That black Labrador retriever has lived in that yard as long as you’ve lived here. He’s not after you. I don’t even think he cares any more if you bark at him. He knows his boundaries. He knows you’re outside of them. Relax. You don’t have — c’mon, Dusty, take it easy.”

“What, Dusty? You’re afraid Mindy is hurting me? Are you out of your mind? She barely has any teeth. Just STOP. OK, don’t do that again.”

“What is it, Dusty? You’re worried? What are you worried about? You don’t know? Dude, you are without question the most wound up dog I’ve ever known. Yeah, I know, I know your puppyhood was pretty awful there in the beginning, but it’s been TEN YEARS you’ve had love, food, care, company. You should be able to relax just a little. What? That IS you relaxed?”


9 thoughts on “Dusty the Ever-Vigilant

  1. Meow Dusty
    Well done Dusty, I see my tutorial is bearing fruit. Just stand your ground, it’s all words, actions speak louder, especially if accompanied by a nice clear loud bark
    Your forever friend on the other side of the pond – Tabby T.Cat

    • (Uh, Tabby, Martha here. Do you realize you used the word “friend” which you insist does not exist in Meow? Nonetheless, I’ve passed on your message to Dusty and he’s very happy to hear your supportive meows.)

  2. I woke up to Gibbs barking hysterically at my son, who was getting something from the shop downstairs. Some dogs never quite “get it,” but they are hilarious.

    • Dusty isn’t hilarious; he’s scary and annoying. BUT he loves me and when he’s off the leash, he’s every dog’s best friend and when people are in his house he loves them to pieces. You just gotta’ take the bitter with the sweet. AND I suppose if Gibbs were as big as a doberman… ❤

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