A Long Road Home

Daily Prompt. A conundrum. I’m in some kind of slump about writing and so have given it up to typing. (Sorry, Truman, but now I’m a typist.) The old ‘novel’ proves to be an interesting project because I don’t want to put me at 64 yrs and 11 mos into the thoughts of me at 27/28/29. What’s most interesting is the fact that the old novel is proving to be prophetic.


In 1981 I had my one and only one-person painting show. It was in a now defunct coffee house on Market Street Cafe Nepenthes.  (Learn more here)

Shortly before that event a couple major upheavals in my (bizarre and peripatetic) love life occurred.

This “novel” is mostly about love.

In the section I’m currently typing, the protagonista has just driven over La Veta Pass and down through the eastern part of the San Luis Valley, through the towns of Fort Garland, San Luis on CO 159, to NM 522 down to Taos, then the bigger roads into Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

The lovers in the story? One’s dead, the other is an anesthesiologist.

There are a lot of very romantic stories of lovers reconnecting in old age and living happily ever after for whatever span of time remains. Oddly enough, judging from my long-ago descriptions of the October landscape of the place that I now call home, our “protagonista” has done just that.

Painting of Taos in October by Victor Higgins around 1900

*Nepenthes, an elixir (described by Homer) that can drive trouble and sorrow from a person’s mind.

P.S. Anyone who wants to read it, just let me know. I’ll soon be looking for editing/proofreading help.


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