Quotidian Post #3? #4?

I don’t think I’ve used the word of the day, “Bespoke,” ever in my life until yesterday on a Facebook post. Here it is:

Just got back from the Alamosa Library. I won a prize in the literary magazine contest — 3rd place for adult fiction for my all time favorite short story, “Amor Refritos” — a very elaborate double pun about spilling the beans. They also published my favorite creative non-fiction story about the calf that got trapped in the butterfly enclosure up in the Laguna Mountains. My prize was $10 which paid for one copy of the book. I have three but they are already bespoken.

Anyone who really wants one can get one at the Alamosa Public library by mail (send a check and postage) or by dropping by and picking one up. It’s a beautiful little book with photographs, stories and poems of all kinds.

I have to thank WordPress for the inspiration for “Amor Refritos.” “Punchin’ Cow” well, I got there on my own.

Meanwhile, my trackpad on my MacBook Pro is very strange, carrying on without me, I think the result of a tiny bit of dog slobber that got on it a few evenings ago when Bear was begging for a piece of apple as I was trying to write. I am (hopelessly?) hoping it straightens up on its own… But…





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