Lamont and Dude Consider Feathers

“Did you see this, Dude? Some dumb dinosaur left a bit of his tail in some pine pitch back in the day.”

“I bet that happened a lot.”

“Yeah, well, now the scientists are onto the fact that we had feathers. Seriously, that conjures up some images of the images those scientists are conjuring up.”

“Sally Rand as a dinosaur.”

“Dude. Remember in Jurassic Park  when the scientist said ‘Raptor means bird of prey’?”

“That’s about dumb and a half. Any fool knows ‘raptor’ comes from Latin, ‘one who grabs’ presumably food.”

“I will NEVER understand why humans don’t just look around them. It’s largely a matter of scale. How many types of flightless birds are there roaming this planet?”

“I could only begin to guess, but none in my immediate view, though we used to see quite a few turkeys.”

“I miss that.”

“Loved it. Definitely got the old nostalgia pumping watching them strut up a road, blocking traffic.”

“Yeah. Good times watching the turkeys, that’s for sure. Well, there’s a park in Colorado that has accidentally gotten very close to a small scale model of the whole thing.”

“Colorado? Dinosaur National Park?”

“No. Colorado Gators. It has alligators, caimans, various snakes and lizards AND peacocks, chickens, turkeys and emus.”

“I’m glad we fled though, aren’t you?”

“We didn’t flee. We died.”

“Oh yeah. My bad.”


Dinosaurs dba Wild Turkeys

6 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Consider Feathers

  1. They didn’t flee, they just died – still laughing. I wish we had some of those wild turkeys here, it would be such fun to see the cars stopping to let them cross the road. Perhaps Dude was a Dodo once – who knows. Funny how the flightless birds just disappear one after the other. I think the turkeys only stay for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • It’s interesting. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when the turkeys should flee. 🙂 I added a photo of wild turkeys to the post on Lamont’s advice.

  2. “We didn’t flee. We died.” Today, someone would probably congratulate them for being brave and dying. I’m trying to re-imagine T-Rex. With feathers. Maybe a coordinating boa.

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