Happiness, Nay, JOY!

The day I learned my long-ago student had become a great teacher, I took the dogs for their afternoon 2 miles out through the golf course and into the fields. I was deeply, profoundly happy, having gotten one of life’s sweetest gifts.

It was a gorgeous day. As normally happens on a sunny day in winter, the sun dropped lower on the horizon until, on our way back, its angle to the earth was quite oblique. I stopped to let Bear roll around in a spot where she is sending and receiving messages from various other golf-course perambulators.



As she rolled in Bear bliss, I looked at the snow.

It was a cold day, and it had been a gold night. Tiny ice crystals had formed on the snow and were standing up a microscopic bit, each glimmering crystal refracting sunlight. The color each sent back into the world changed as I moved, brilliant ultramarine, turquoise, golden, orange, green, violet, scattered shards of sunlight.

I had never seen that before.

I thought of my countless hikes, the moments of miraculous and unexpected beauty, often on a very small scale, to which I’ve been a witness just because I was out there.

Here was another.


7 thoughts on “Happiness, Nay, JOY!

  1. Snow and ice overnight tonight. How much? Depends on who you ask. I think “a little bit” because it’s still too warm to stick for long, but we will know soon enough. Sometimes when we have an ice storm, our entire woods becomes a giant crystal. It doesn’t last long and I’ve yet to really capture it, but it is breathtaking to see.

  2. I’m also happy because you have helped Prof. K grow to become one of the coolest professors. I really hope Prof. K and you would meet again as another gift . 🙂

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