Missing My Car? Not Really.

Sometime last week, a light and message appeared on the screen (cars now have screens) on my dashboard saying, “Brake fluid low. Get service NOW!!!” Maybe only one ! but the message seemed urgent. I pushed “OK”.  The light and message vanished, I bought my groceries and came home. Maybe it was because of the cold?

But I knew it wasn’t.

Tuesday I took a short trip (1 mile) to the Post Office, but I had to drive because of a package I was mailing. “Brake fluid low. Get service NOW!!!!!!!!

I called the dealership, which is 18 miles away, with whom my car has an extended warranty. “You’d better bring it in and leave it a couple of days.”

“I can’t leave it. I live far!”

“Bring it in and let us look at it.”


“Bring it in around 3.”


Hmmmm. I took a walk and came home and called my neighbor and asked for a ride. I am not good at asking for favors or help, but I managed it. “Call us when you’re about to leave,” my neighbor said.


I called about 2:30 and my neighbor said, “Don’t get distracted when you see B. behind you.”


So… I pulled out of the alley, parked by their house, chatted with my neighbor in the cold shade of a December afternoon, then got back in my car. I pulled forward and here came B in one of his three vintage T-Birds.



My Ride Home ❤

I have not been in one of these since my grandfather bought one in 1955. I was THRILLED. My neighbor has owned this car since he was 21 and he’s 70 something now. I said, “You must love this car.”

“I do love it,” he said.

It’s beautiful inside and out and riding in it had me grinning for 18 miles. I love it, too. I patted its dashboard with affection I haven’t felt for a vehicle since I had to trade my 1988 Ranger. 😦

Turned out the brake master cylinder on my car had gone to the dark side. The parts had to come from Denver 5 hours away. It might be done today; it might not. Depends when the parts get here.

My ride back will be another T-Bird, a ’55. Meanwhile, I am not suffering or missing my car. The store is 2 blocks away if I need anything. Clear weather is promised for the next few days. In a way, I feel liberated, especially as the extended warranty will cover the work on my car.


9 thoughts on “Missing My Car? Not Really.

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining. A ride in a T-Bird, extended warranty, what more could you want, except for a new break cylinder and evern that will be possible. Hope everything turns out for the best. And that Model T-Bird is really a great car.

    • I really couldn’t want more. My first Christmas present was a ride in the T-Bird, the second the note about my former student and the third the fact I’ll only have to pay $75 for a $500 brake repair. 🙂

  2. I dated a guy who had one of those cars. I didn’t like the guy at all, but I loved that car. The relationship lasted until it got too cool to put the top down.

  3. It’s so rare that a sick-car story ends with rides in a T-bird, a nearby store and a repair that is still under warranty. Have you started writing fair tales?

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