Mindy’s Unavailing Protest


“I’m not going out there.”

“Mindy, you ALWAYS go out there for your four laps around the front yard.”

The Vast Monster of Snow has returned.”

“What will your friends think if you don’t show up to greet them on their morning walk?”

“Do you think one of them might have a cookie?”

“It’s been known to happen. They’ll admire your courage for pursuing your training even in (mildly) inclement weather.”

“That makes a cookie even more likely, doesn’t it?”

“I can’t say. It’s difficult to know the motives of others. I think you should save your protest for a less beautiful morning. Get out there.”

Mindy went out into the softly falling snow. Clouds and blue sky fought gently for space above the trees and all was right with the world.


9 thoughts on “Mindy’s Unavailing Protest

  1. LOL! Love it! I wrote about my dog too. The moment I saw the ‘protest’ prompt I thought “That silly dog….”

  2. Tabby calling: Mindy, don’t listen to your human. It is a matter of principle. Go when you want to and not when they want you to.

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