A slender man in black trousers, ear-flapped  hat, gray and black high tech winter jacket walks briskly past my house just at the moment I open the door for Mindy to go out front for her morning constitutional and chat with the neighbors. It’s 9 degrees.

Was he a martyr to his exercise routine, a martyr to his work schedule, a martyr to the weather? He really did not look happy. Maybe he was just cold.

We take our walk later because we can. When the sun is high, I pull on my fleece lined hoodie, the wool hat I bought in Iceland, and my boots and we head out to the golf course and from there the open fields. The peaks are a saw-toothed rim of white all around us. The pond is mostly frozen and, for now, the parked trains are gone. The ground is criss-crossed by animal tracks, and Bear’s nose is constantly on the ground. She pulls me — which I don’t like — as if the ice-rimmed tracks were new enough that at the end she might find a rabbit.

From time to time Dusty, who is usually walking beside me, finds something good to eat. Good in his opinion; not mine. Last week it was bear scat. “Drop it, Dusty! Now!”

He looked at me as if he were saying, “Are you out of your mind? This is bear poop! BEAR, I tell you!”

I gave up, hoping the cold had long ago killed whatever bearasites lingered in those ordurves.

I’m a martyr to these dogs.

13 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Of course we are for our dogs and cats. I am not a fan of snow and ice, but with the right gear it can be good to go for a walk in the cold weather. I notice as I get older, I prefer the colder weather. Is it a sign of age that we perhaps get numb to certain effects.

  2. Love those head collars! My dogs eat all sorts of poop all the time. Luckily, most parasites are species-specific, plus we monthly worm with ivomec/heartguard. So far, no troubles.

    • I love them, too. I discovered them when I had huskies who absolutely had to be leashed at all times and yet had to pull a sled. I had pitbull — the sweetest little dog in the world but not smart — and with the normal collar she’d pull a little ahead and then freak out because she couldn’t find me. The Halti made her a lot more secure.

  3. I absolutely love the cold and so do my two dogs, named Cash (A pit) and lexi (black lab), the excitement and thrill of the new environment gives us a heart racing pulse every time. We always loved to go on hikes and with the right snow gear we would be able to hunt no matter what the weather threw at us.

  4. When I tell people that all my friends eat shit, it’s true. I always scold Touch for that. She lays her ears down and looks at me out of the corner of her eye–then relapses the next time she finds poop. Where I’m from, shiteater was another name for dog. Thank God for Milk Bone.

    • Mindy eats dog shit. Ugh. Dusty has more refined tastes. When the dog food brand, “A Taste of the Wild” came out I laughed because Dusty finds that on his own. Bear only eats frozen poop and not until she’s played with it. Yep. Anything that cleans their teeth is my best friend.

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