My Town at Christmas

This weekend has kicked off Christmas in Monte Vista, Colorado. We’ve had all kinds of events. My friend L came down from Colorado Springs to partake in the excitement.

We spent the morning visiting with my neighbors across the street. My neighbor put on a fresh pot of coffee and then called me. We talked about a lot of things, but, interestingly, mostly about Hong Kong and China. Her husband served in Viet Nam and spent time in Hong Kong. There was a lot to talk about. L came home with a plant my neighbor gave her. Here in Heaven, very often you don’t go to someone’s house empty handed or leave empty handed.

We walked the dogs on the snowy golf course in the beautiful clear cold. Someone had left a love letter in the fresh snow.


Then went to the craft fair — very sparse this year because my town raised the entry price. Stupid idea as there were probably only 1/3 the number of vendors as last year. I think the city and the venue lost money. I bought a Christmas wreath from some ladies who have organized to put together a safe after-prom event for the high school students. This is how things go here. Someone sees a need, they organize, and they act. This is anarchism.

L accomplished a little Christmas shopping and I sat at table and talked to my neighbor and her grandkids about their dog, a Great Pyrenees named Nanook, “Polar Bear.”

Our town has a Christmas parade. It’s very short and I only got to see the tail end of it because L and I decided to try out the new restaurant. I stepped out just in time to see two “floats” and the high school band. The street was lined with people and there were piñon fires scattered here and there along the way to keep people warm.

I wish I had seen the whole parade. Next year!

And then…

There were fireworks. The sky here is very black. There is seldom humidity or haze, especially in winter. It was beautiful.


Dusty, Me and Bear

Yesterday I wore, for the first time, the sweater I bought in Iceland of Icelandic wool. It turns out to be an amazingly warm, light, comfortable, generally amazing I-need-no-other-sweater kind of sweater. In the photo above I’m wearing it over a merino wool undershirt. The temperature outside was about 18 degrees. I was roasting. Those Icelandic sheep know what they’re doing.


Lamont, the Rogue Icelandic Ram ❤

10 thoughts on “My Town at Christmas

  1. I never wear a pullover, only short sleeved t-shirts at home. If I go out in the cold I have a warm padded jacket – you know Swiss style. You must live in a wonderful place, although I am not exactly a snow lover. However since I do not have to go to work I don’t mind it so much. I can wait until it melts a bit at the edges.

    • It gets really cold here because of the elevation, 2500 meters, and the heating in my house is from the 1920s. It’s just a furnace in the center of the living room. So I spend the winter in a warm undershirt and a sweatshirt even inside. I have south facing windows and they are wonderful for bringing in warmth on sunny days. Luckily for me, I like the cold.

  2. I fell in love with Cardigan sweaters made in Ireland of black Welsh wool. I wear a light turtleneck tee and a Cardigan. Toasty. They shed water fairly well, too.

  3. Our Christmas parade was last night. We skipped it. We went when Kaity was little, but after you’ve seen a few, you’ve seen them all. It’s not a crafty event. That’s a separate thing and I love craft fairs. The parade is held at night to coincide with lighting the Common. The craft fair is during the day so everyone can see what is available to buy. I think it’s some time next week. It’s a rather restrained season this year.

    • Same here. Our craft fair is in the day during this weekend. Here in the valley every little town gets its chance at 100% attention so next week Del Norte gets its turn for craft fair and parade. 🙂

  4. Our Christmas parade downtown is next weekend but the boat parade on the beach was today. Rained out , I am sure, as it poured down the entire afternoon….and even now.
    Your sounds great. Nothing like homemade everything to make it a good time.

  5. What a delight to have discovered your blog. I was looking into houses for sale in Monte Vista. And find your warm comments and beautiful pictures.

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