Reflections on My Recent Virtual Book Tour

IndieBRAG graciously invited me to write a post for their blog on my recent experiences with a virtual book tour for The Brothers Path. Overall, the experience was a mixed bag and quite (for me) expensive.

As I put together the post I came up with things I wish I had known and questions I think might help any author decide if a virtual book tour will help sell their book and will be worth the investment.

SO…if you think you might be about to self-publish your work and you want to sell it and you’re in a conundrum about how best to invest your (limited) funds to the best advantage, my little article might be helpful, at least give you something to think about.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on My Recent Virtual Book Tour

  1. Interesting insight into this aspect of book blogs and self – publishing. I had no idea that authors were paying for this.

  2. I hope it helped at least a little bit. It’s hard to know what will “sell” on my site. Sometimes, books I think no one will find interesting do very well … and books I think should be “hot” are ignored. It isn’t always which blog, either. Sometimes, it’s what else is happening in the world and the time of year. You coincided with the final days of the presidential campaign and I’m pretty sure that absorbed a lot of “internet bandwidth.”

    You are welcome on Serendipity any old time.

    • I’m certain that my blog tour coinciding with election hell did not help. In fact, I’d say that affected the success of my blog tour more than anything else. The biggest help I, as a writer, got from the experience was what I learned about my book.

      I think it may have resulted in some sales, but that’s difficult to know for sure. Basically, it was just more money than I could afford and that was my mistake. I was propelled by emotion and that’s never a good thing. Teddy did a good job holding up her end of the deal.

      And your help has been so important to me and my book.

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