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“Echo” has taken on a new meaning for me now that we have the Internet. I noticed the phenomenon especially, excruciatingly, during the recent election cycle where a news entity (legit or otherwise) would pick up a story or a Tweet and write about it and then another would pick up that story and write about the story and then another would pick up the story about the story and post THAT. Echoes. Dangerous echoes because repetition is one way of persuading people without needing facts or an argument. We are designed so that if we see something everywhere, we think it’s important, or, worse; we think it’s true just because everyone is saying it.


6 thoughts on “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello

    • I read an interesting and sobering quotation from Mein Kampf yesterday and a few paragraphs attributed to Goebbels. Hitler wrote about the “big lie.” He made the argument that people will believe a BIG lie but not a small one. His argument was that people tell little lies all the time and so believe everyone else does, too. But most people would not tell the BIG lie and don’t believe others would, either. It’s a tacit social agreement that paradoxically makes the BIG lie believable if it’s repeated often enough. This is intriguing and possibly true. Of course THEN he goes on to blame the Jews for constantly making the BIG lie. Brilliant manipulation. Terrifying in the light of our world right now. GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr…..

  1. I’m the greatest outdoor writer in the world. I’m the sexiest fly-fisherman in the world. I’m the . . . . how many times do I need to repeat? Please tweet. 🙂

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