Quotidian Endeavors

Bear has put a rawhide chew under the sofa. This might seem like a problem to you (and to Bear) but to me it’s great. She’s going to spend part of the morning attempting to get that thing and succeeding only in pushing it farther back. Or, as has just happened, she’ll succeed in figuring it out and get the chew.

Yesterday I took the dogs for a long walk in the beautiful light surrounded by white peaks. There was a rock or a thorn or nothing in my shoe and one of my toes hurt mightily. I stopped a couple of times and attempted to fix that, but didn’t find a solution. When I got home, and took off my hiking shoes, I saw my sock was all bloody. I thought about how cool it was that blood dries and forms a nice friction barrier between my toe and whatever. I thought of All Quiet on the Western Front and I thought I’d better wash my foot and see if I could find the injury. I didn’t find the injury. I think it is/was a blister between my 3rd and 4th toe that opened…

This post (above) is out where I was walking yesterday. I think it’s amazing. The old wooden gate itself is on the ground. Next time I’ll take a photo of the latch that once went into one of these horse shoes. It’s been replaced by a steel gate that is always open even though, this past summer, someone strung electric fencing. The thing about hiking/walking in the same place every day is your eyes get tuned to details, and you start seeing things you hadn’t seen before.

A week from today I’m giving my first ever reading from one of my books. I spent time this week writing a short introduction to the book and the reading and yesterday I recorded and timed it. It’s about 7 minutes. I’d like it to be shorter, but I might not be able to manage that. At least the chapter I’m reading isn’t very long.

Never having done this before, it’s difficult to know what exactly I should read. I decided to read the chapter that was the first one I wrote — and it’s NOT the beginning of the novel. I began the book with two words, “Andreas, RUN!” I could see that scene in my mind like a film. The book grew in two directions from that point. It’s also a pretty exciting chapter and it’s rich in history.

I’ve never even GONE to a reading — well, poetry readings, back in the day when I thought I was a poet, but never a reading someone gives from their novel, so it will be different. AND I have brochures, bookmarks and a pen that writes.

Now, what to wear? I’m thinking clean jeans, denim shirt and the Icelandic sweater I bought last summer. It’s beautiful, and I’ll be more nervous if I’m dressed up. It will also remind me of Iceland.

AND now that Thanksgiving is over, and this is so called “Black Friday” (where did that come from?) our culture says we have to start buying stuff. I wonder why no one (but me?) thinks that we could change our world quickly if we just stopped buying all the crap we buy. I get catalogs (that in itself is a problem) full of stuff, beautiful stuff, that costs a lot more than I can afford and apparently I’m doing pretty well as Medicare refused “extra help” on the drug part of the program so I’m going to be out another $107/month starting next year. And that is Medicare making me pay $1000+/year that I never had to pay before. This is AFTER I paid some $600+/month for 20 years into health insurance for my retirement…

Christmas lasts a long time in my small town. It’s the season of craft shows.The first Christmas craft fair was the first weekend of November. I went because my neighbor is a big contributor to that one, and I bought almost everyone on my list a warm hat made by her two small, arthritic hands. Her prices are ridiculously low and any hats that are not sold she takes to the pre-school for kids who don’t have warm hats.

Next week we have our Christmas Festival which includes a parade (that lasts about 5 minutes), a craft fair and a concert of cowboy music in the auditorium. Last year I did everything and by the time Christmas itself arrived, I was completely sated and sick of the whole thing.

This year I’m going to take it a little easier. Besides, it looks like this December I’m a famous writer. Not only am I doing a reading next weekend, but the following weekend I’m attending a reception for people whose work was accepted into the Alamosa library’s literary magazine. There are also prizes and who knows? Maybe I won something.



Today WordPress informs me that my blog has earned 1000 readers! 

Thank you so much!



9 thoughts on “Quotidian Endeavors

  1. Now that was an interested read. Wish I could be there at the reading of the book. Looks like life is busy for you at the moment. I am lucky with my Swiss insurance. I just need the ok from the doc and they pay. I avoid Christmas where I can, no more christmas shopping, no decorations (just a couple of Christmas plants on the table) and that does me. Perhaps something special to eat. And as far as black Friday is concerned, all I bought today was food. I do not even know how that one travelled across the pond and arrived in Europe. I blame it on Amazon.

    • I wish you could be here, too. I have to explain a lot of history before I can begin to read or it won’t make sense at all. I may add a foreward to the book — Marilyn thought that was a good idea.

      I’m giving warm hats and old things that might mean something to the receivers this year. My step-daughter-in-law sent out a list of things she wants family to give the kids and I thought, “Well, that’s nice but not happening in this house.”

      I don’t actually know what’s going to happen with my insurance when it switches to Medicare next year — I think my private insurance will pay the $107 but they “speak” such a strange language that I’m not completely sure that’s what they told me in their email. I’m going to find out, that much I do know!!!

  2. I did several readings and I was nervous every time. I think we worry about what to wear because it’s something we can do something about. Worrying about how we’ll be received is much less controllable. All of my readings went much better than I imagined possible. So will yours. The people who come to readings are not there to judge. The WANT to enjoy the book and you. They are usually very positive people and very fond of books and authors. They are a good crowd.

    Your review is up on Serendipity: https://teepee12.com/2016/11/25/a-novel-of-the-reformation-the-brothers-path-by-martha-kennedy/

    Interview tomorrow! Comments are arriving.

    I look to see if anything I really want is on some kind of super sale, but I have yet to find a bargain on “black Friday” that I couldn’t get pretty much any day of the year. We should all buy less crap. Reduce landfill waste.

    • Buying less crap — less money goes to the People’s Republic of China, less stuff in landfills, more money in peoples’ pockets. 🙂

      The “what to wear” thing — yeah, back in the day it would have been black tights, boots, short black skirt (suede) and a sweater and jacket (if it were cool enough). Now, I have one crooked leg that I DON’t want to reveal in tights, can’t wear boots with 2-3 inch heels, can’t dress like “myself” dressed up, in short. SO, gonna’ dress like myself NOT dressed up. At least (and I think it’ll help a lot with the nerves) I’ll look like me to me and most of the people there won’t know me and those who do? They know that under everything is a Dead Kennedys T-shirt.

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