10 thoughts on “Great News for the Schneebeli Boys!

  1. Oh my, isn’t that wonderful! Congratulations, Martha; you deserve all three of those all-important “seals of approval.”

    I was at a local writers’ festival a couple of weeks ago, and one of the discussion groups featured several small press publishers. The unanimous verdict of all four was that awards like the one you’ve received are extremely important to book sales. All the more power to you!


    • Thank you, Sue! There are a lot of awards out there to be won, but many of them require an investment that’s out of my reach. The Brag Medallion doesn’t and it’s got some caché. I did pay the fee to enter the Indie Book Awards — deadline 2/17/17 — and I entered the Iceland Writers Retreat contest so I can stay in Iceland for a week for free if I win. 🙂 Everyone has their motive…

      • We’ll see. The them was “Iceland — Behold the Moon” something some poet said. In fact, Iceland isn’t a bit like the moon. Poets are weird in the stuff that comes out of their mouths sometime. So I wrote my 500 word story about how Iceland isn’t a bit like the moon. 🙂

    • Thank you — I’m happy that all of them have the little medallion on their covers. It means (to me) that I’m consistent. I really don’t want to write crap and I’m always half afraid I have :O

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