Lamont and Dude Take a Hike and Discuss Earth’s Opening Act



“What do you make of that?”

“Hard to say. Nice rock, though.”

“I think so, too. Igneous?”

“Very old, I’d say. Pre-cambrian.”

“Don’t those human-devised Earth epochs just crack you up sometimes?”

“We’re human, too, Lamont.”

“I know, but still. ‘Name it = Know it’ is a common human failing. Mine too, I admit it. It should be the other way around.”


“Thanks, Dude.”

“No, that. The rock is gneiss.”

“As rocks go, I’m sure it is. It just looks like gray rock to me.”

“You should’ve finished your geology class in college.”

“I did finish.”

“With a D. The rock is named gneiss. G-N-E-I-S-S.”

“Name it claim it. So what?”

“That rock came out of the flames of the Earth’s birth. Awesome to think of, isn’t it Lamont?”

“Absolutely. Love it. Brings back sweet, hot memories. What a bang!”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a couple of years ago. They remember many — if not most — of their previous incarnations which gives them a unique perspective on life, the universe and everything. The photo is of a SMALL waterfall in Oak Canyon at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego. The waterfall might have a six foot drop. Maybe not that much. It runs in winter and spring during the rainy season. Above it is ONE huge boulder and behind the boulder a reservoir the Kumeyyaay used all year. Imagine.

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  1. I do not seem to get your blogs any more automatically from wordpress and they never appear in the reader, although I am a follower, but am now catching up. I just love those guys. Get them re-done as an American president.

    • I wish I could have gotten them on the ticket, together. Lamont is a little too jaded by himself. I don’t get nearly half the blogs I follow in my Reader any more and I don’t know why. :\

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