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Along with many of my friends, I’m not happy about the results of the election, never mind that HRC was never high on my list of “leaders I’ve always dreamed of sitting in the White House.” She wasn’t even ON my list. Bernie Sanders, however, has been on that list for many years.

Some things have captured my attention. Slightly under 1/4 of the eligible voting population of the US voted for The Donald. More than 1/4 voted for HRC, but not much more. Nearly half of the people who could have voted did not vote — at least not for president.

This is hardly a mandate of the people in support of The Donald. It is also the fourth time a president who did NOT win the popular vote was elected president. To me ONCE is enough to inspire someone to seriously reconsider the electoral college, an idea whose time has gone, an entity whose existence de-inspires many people from voting.

While the Repubs held onto the majority in the house and the senate, it’s not a HUGE majority. They barely managed to hold onto the Senate.

In my opinion what happened is that many people who were thinking they had to hold their nose and vote for HRC looked at the polls going into the election that gave HRC an 80-85% chance of winning. Those are good odds. Some of those people could very easily have cast a protest vote against the establishment and voted for The Donald.

A lot of bad things happened during this seemingly endless and painful election including the perception (I believe it is more than a perception) that the Democratic nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders. What IF there had been no polls? What would that segment of voters have done to register their disenchantment? Would their disenchantment even entered into their vote? I don’t think so.

The one message that has come through, to me, anyway, is that the American people are disillusioned with the way the government works.

I think our job now is to take hold of our government and figure out how to fix it. I would start by regulating the media during elections. Instead of bombarding people constantly give them the opportunity to research and think. And people? Tune out, do your own research and consult your own heart and experience. It would also help to shorten the process (two YEARS nearly of this? How could we NOT feel whipped and beaten?).

I was horrified during the primaries when HRC came out of the gate with Super Delegates all lined up. I think they should be eliminated from the Democrat primaries. They really do make it seem like one more stragedy for taking the vote away from the people — and I’m paranoid enough to believe that’s the whole point.

I think it’s time to get rid of the Electoral College; more people will show up to vote if they know their votes are counted. More attention should be focused on local elections and what happens in our states and towns where leadership makes the biggest difference. We should seriously consider term limits for our representatives. Most of all, we all have to get in there. Just as an example, what IF every eligible voter had voted? If every eligible voter who didn’t show up had written in Bernie Sanders? He would have won. Think of that.

I think Michael Moore has done a good job of laying out our jobs in his article published this morning. https://www.good.is/articles/moore-five-point-plan

We have to fight evil — racism, greed, sexual exploitation, anger, violence, ignorance — in our own worlds, no matter how small our worlds are. As it says in the I-Ching,

“The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.”

8 thoughts on “Politics Again… The Future

  1. Thanks for this! In the end, if people want the system to change, they are going to need to get out and change it – don’t wait for someone to do it for you!! The next 4 years will be interesting…

  2. Trump and everything he represents are in total opposition to my own standards and beliefs, but perhaps he had to win to break the choke hold big money and an elite political class have on the political system. Not that he isn’t part of it in his own wild-card way, and not that he will be able to deliver on the promises he made disenchanted, disenfranchised working-class America, but perhaps the shock of his ugly victory and the embarrassment of seeing him strut his stuff on the world stage will galvanise sane Americans into taking their country back from self-serving, wealthy power-brokers. Michael Moore’s ‘Morning-after to-do list’ would be a great start.

    • We’ll see. There’s a certain victim mentality in the American left so along with their outrage there’s substantial wound licking and poor me going on. I think in a game like this you play to win or you go home and the Dems did not play to win. Hubris.

  3. Some idea with which I heartily agree, others not so much. But it doesn’t matter since nothing is likely to get done in the way of reform for at least the next four years. This system, as it ism worked splendidly for the Donald and the Republican party. What would inspire them to change it?

    I would modify the electoral college, but not eliminate it. It’s the senate to our elector house of representatives. It does, however need to be more in line with the actual populations of the represented states.

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