“Martha’s Primping!”

A long time ago (early 90s) a bunch of friends and I went to a club in San Diego, The Casbah. If you know anything about Punk Rock Music you get the nature of the club. We were going to hear a band, Ethyl Meatplow.

Before we got in line to get in, I was in my friend Greg’s truck, putting on lipstick. I was using Greg’s rearview mirror to be sure I got the stuff on my actual lips and not my teeth or nose.  Suddenly Greg called out to our friends, “Hey, c’mere! Martha’s primping!”

His ejaculation drew a small crowd. I guess watching me put on lipstick was a kind of novelty.

Back then, I was wearing dark plum, straining toward black, lipstick. But, the thing of me, while I might have been at a punk club to hear Ethyl Meatplow, in the rest of my real, non-teaching, life I was hiking the hills with dogs. In any case, makeup has never figured much in my lifestyle.

Here’s Beavis and Butthead’s take on Ethyl Meatplow. It’s pretty gross and the music reminds me why our Ethyl Meatplow caper ended up in our not watching the band but in the back room playing pool and drinking beer. This video, and the music, is not for people with any taste at all. It wasn’t even good punk. You might want to skip to my note following the video.



P. S. Dear America — What happened last night does not matter as much as the way each of us, individually, stands up for kindness, respect, honesty, compassion.

I have never seen a single president of the United States in real life (though I did see Agnew speak at the USAFA). My life has been lived among people whose politics do not agree with mine. I know that on snowy days I’ve shoveled their walks and they’ve shoveled mine. They’ve driven me to the hospital to get stitches in my toe when I dropped the (big, heavy, glass) blender jar on it. I have a long list of kindness done to me by people who do not share my beliefs and they have a similar list, I am sure.

In my opinion, it’s how we treat each other every day that makes this country great.


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  1. Thank you for the reminder. I need to read more feel-good, happy-happy stories right now. It helps heal the wounds. (I skipped the punk rock. My husband had a fascination for it, so I feel like I met my quota of listening in our near-decade together.) Plus: Beavis & Butthead are just too grating for the nerves.

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