Election Sincerity

Sincerity is nice. I mean, who doesn’t like it better than insincerity. But…

Here we are five days from the election. Last night I let myself get sucked into a “debate” on Facebook. A friend (a real life friend) had posted, “If you’re voting for The Donald, please give me some reasons why.” She sincerely wanted to know. She respects her friends. She wanted to know what they saw in the candidate that she might have missed. The Donald could win the election.

Some of her friends took that simple, sincere statement as a challenge and it went sideways, quickly.

“My vote is private and sacred. I don’t have to defend it to anyone.”

“Open dialogue is important in a society that uses a democratic process. I sincerely want to know. I want to understand.”

“I don’t have to defend my vote to anyone.”

Throughout a thread that went on a long while, there was not ONE GOOD THING said about The Donald, not even by the two women who defended him and who had, or would, presumably, vote for him.

“The system is rigged.”

“We need a clean sweep.”

“Hillary is a criminal and there was sperm on Monika’s dress.”

I participated until the sperm comment to which I wanted to reply, “Sweet cheeks, if you’re upset by sperm, you’d better vote for Hillary.”

I knew the comment would go right over her head.

I said goodnight to Dusty, Mindy and Bear — very sincerely — and went, most sincerely, to bed, where I had sincere dreams about planting a large garden and arguing with my mom who wanted me to plant portulaca on the north side of the house. She could not give me one good reason, either.


6 thoughts on “Election Sincerity

  1. Stupid is, apparently, contagious and we have no vaccine. It is disheartening, to say the least.

    You know, I’m going to repeat this just in case you think I wasn’t serious: should you want to spend some time in the fabulous region known as New England, you are welcome here. We have dogs, and in the fall, we have mice, though we seem to have dealt with them handily this year. We also have lots of room. Not luxurious, but definitely well above “outhouse with candles by a cold hearth” level.

    The dogs are friendly. I cook, sometimes cheerfully, occasionally with a snarl in my heart, but a smile on my face.. Garry adores dogs and has no known limit to how many. We even have spare dishes and extra beds.

    So, just in case you feel like making The Grand Tour, American-style, we’re here. Especially with winter on the way, we are VERY here.

    • ❤ Thank you! I'm too broke at the moment from book promotion to go anywhere, but maybe next year!!! I have always wanted to go to New England and I would love to meet you and Garry in real life.

      My mice situation may have been solved (time will tell). In CA I had an ultrasonic mouse repeller and last week I got two for this house. So far I've trapped 6 mice — two house mice and four field mice. The last one was Monday, so my fingers are crossed that they have gotten the message. Poor things. I don't like killing them and they could avoid that completely by respecting boundaries.

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