Lamont and Dude, Banned Books

“One of the downsides of being human is this sense of power. Look at this. A new list of banned books.”

“Cracks me up, Lamont. I saw it earlier.”

“They — we — just don’t get it, do we? They? Hell, I don’t know any more.”

“The thing is, humans THINK they’re in control of stuff.”

“Yeah, right.”

“They do. Don’t you?”

“Not that much, Lamont. It’s more like staying up on a surfboard. I mean, you know, you’re lucky to get a wave in the first place, and then you hope you’re good enough to ride it. That’s as much control as I think I have over anything. What do they ban books over, anyway?”

I’m looking at a list now. The two main things seem to be sex and religion with a tip of the hat to language. They’re not big on atheism, either. They’ve banned The Canterbury Tales. And the Bible, for fuck’s sake.”

“I like how you did that, Lamont.”

“Thanks, Dude.”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a couple of years ago. They have the unusual ability to remember many of their previous incarnations which gives them an unusual perspective on life, the universe and everything.

2 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude, Banned Books

  1. I do not even know if I have ever read a banned book, probably somewhere on the way. It seems to me that banning a book can make it more interesting. It was a strange thing with “Mein Kampf” from Hitler. It is completely banned in Europe. I once mentioned i would like to read it just to see what it contains. I was almost banned after saying it. I discovered that it was not banned in the States which surprised me (correct me if I am wrong). Of course, this is not a book of great literature, it was written by a maniac which probably adds interest.

    • I was amazed looking at the list what books have been banned at one time or another. Mein Kampf — yeah, I’ve had European students who as soon as they got to the US bought Mein Kampf. They wanted to know what had been suppressed. My dad had a little shelf of books that had been banned — all on the basis of sex. Moll Flanders, Fanny Hill, Tropic of Cancer…

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