Is democracy the way forward?

Thoughtful essay on the future of the democratic process — in the UK but points apply to us as well.


Plato, one of the world’s most influential philosophers, wrote thousands of years ago in his classic ‘The Republic’ that democracy was an inherently flawed government system. Arguing that it would never work purely efficiently, Plato describes it as a government that offers everything, but stands for nothing, where politicians tell voters anything they want to get in power, and do not rule impartially.

And Plato’s not the only one. Socrates, another Greek philosopher (and OKAY OKAY; Plato’s mentor) argued:

“such is democracy; – a pleasing, lawless, various sort of government”.

Our very own Winston Churchill, who worked his way to the top of this system stated that:

“the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”

(I’m trying not to take that personally).

It has become very evident in the last decade that there is growing dissatisfaction between the public and government in many democratic countries…

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