Taking a Short Break

I’m taking a little break from daily posting and daily reading. The past few months have been a crazy circus of writing hundreds of pages of interviews and articles related to the virtual book tour The Brothers Path has been on (semi-autonomously, but not quite on its own). I’m tired of self-expression and there will probably be another blog tour in late November and it will be some of the same again.

Self-promotion is difficult because when you’re doing it, you’re not really dealing with ideas or imagination; you’re dealing with your products and yourself. BUT through all this, which has definitely been “On the Job Training,” I’ve had a lot of help, support, friendship and kindness from people I don’t even know, friends I’ve met here and, I’d say, the world at large. I just need a mental break for a little while, maybe to do some artwork and who knows, some fiction writing. I promise to get back to writing and reading soon. And Lamont and Dude can show up at any time.



12 thoughts on “Taking a Short Break

  1. Though I’ll miss dropping in on your blog and assuming I’ll find something worthwhile and interesting to read, I understand the need for a break. Use it well, Martha, and come back to your blog friends refreshed and ready once again to entertain us and make us think.

  2. You deserve a break today. You do make it look easy and the words just seem to flow…but that can be exhausting. Enjoy your time off, Martha.

  3. Taking a break from time to time is good. But just for a time 🙂 I read your post and I feel that somehow you had enough of something…just live the “naked” days.
    kisses and keep writing 🙂

    • I’m a writer and have spent the last several months marketing my book. It’s just been a lot of work and a lot of writing about “me, me, me” which gets old. Well, I’m kind of old 😉 Thanks for your kind comment and for stopping by!

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