Unlike Any Other

I value originality very highly, but even my hero, Goethe, says there is no such thing, that whatever we do we — at the very least — build on what has gone before, reuse it, refresh it, or in Etsy-speak, “re-purpose” it. This from a man who wrote a play that is VERY original, so original that even though it is performed, I’m not sure it’s ever fully understood. I sure as hell do not understand it — fully. But it has given critics, over a several-hundred year period, something to write about and dispute. That would be Faust, Part Two.

In my opinion, an original mind is one that sees potential in extant things.

So what? Well, Bear. I don’t know what (or who) her ingredients are but in no way is she like any dog I’ve ever owned. She’s a livestock guardian breed — an Akbash — who’s lived her whole life as a companion dog in a small home with two other dogs and me. I have worked hard to socialize her, and she loves everyone and everything. She’s a very affectionate dog who especially loves small children. Out in the “wild” she is vigilant and observant as her breed is supposed to be, but I doubt she would take on a bear or a wolf. Because of her basic nature, her early life as an abandoned stray, and her training, her mind is unique and her behavior original.

She’s learned to get a cookie in the evening by asking to go out when she doesn’t need out. When I realized what she was up to, I began saying, “OK, but I think you’re lying.” She now understands the word “lying,” and has stopped completely the pretense of taking a turn in the dog run before coming back to me. We just walk to the gate and turn around. It seems she thinks that going to the gate of the dog run is worth a cookie (to me). She’s also figured out that I love it when she lies down. So, she will lie down in front of the cabinet with the cookies in it and then say, softly, “Woof!” to get my attention. She thinks I like throwing things for her to chase and it’s clear she’s doing me a favor in the morning by bringing me something to throw. When she wants my attention, she brings me something.

This creature has built a bunch of “if” statements and has me programed. I love her to pieces and think she’s hilarious. And original.



12 thoughts on “Unlike Any Other

  1. Bonnie and Gibbs do the “out and in” thing a lot, but one day they tried just going down the stairs, making a u-turn and coming right back up. I looked at them. “Do you really think I’m stupid?” I asked them. The went back down, out and actually stayed there for a couple of minutes, though I doubt they left the porch. They were probably counting the second on the paws. But it was so funny, they got their cookies anyway.

    Drop by and see if you feel like responding to any comments 🙂

    • I can just read her mind, “I don’t know WHAT’S up with her, but she seems to like it when I do this.” I told her last night that Dusty and Mindy have a racket going. Bear does the dramatic interpretation of “going outside” and when she comes back in, Dusty and Mindy are in the kitchen waiting for their cookies. They wouldn’t get a cookie at all if Bear didn’t do this charade. I think THEY have HER trained to manipulate ME. That’s my assessment. Bonnie and Gibbs seem to have a conspiracy going, too.

  2. I have never had a dog, mum would not let me and the only reason we had a cat was because of the mice. We did not have many mice, but she felt safer. The cat we had would play with the mice he found. Mr. Swiss grew up with many dogs, his dad was a hunter and they had about 10-20, but they always had 1 or 2 house dogs. He said it was a tragedy everytime something would happen to one of the house dogs. You have a dream of dogs, one bigger than the other. I would love to see you going for walkies with them.

    • I wanted dogs since I was a very little girl! I even told my aunt — defiantly! — that when I grew up I’d have a house filled with big dogs. Back in the 80s, when I was hiking with my four dogs, I remembered that moment and laughed. You would love my dogs, I think. Mindy and Bear like cats so Tabby would be OK. I’m afraid Dusty would chase her if she ran, for all their great pen-pal relationship. 🙂

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  4. Dogs and cats are so funny. I love Bear lying in front of the cookie cabinet to get your attention. Teemu sits with his back to me, facing his food cabinet. No meow is spoken.

    • The horse that lived next door to me in CA, that I loved very, very much, knew the moment I got up in the morning. He would paw the ground and make snuffling noises because he KNEW I would come out with a carrot as soon as I was dressed. BUT he did other cool things that didn’t have anything to do with carrots (to my knowledge). He’d rest his nose on my head and sigh, truly affectionate just like Bear. I wish I’d known more about where I was going, I’d have brought him with me and just made it work somehow.

    • She loves sleeping in that chair and she really does not fit in it. Usually she doesn’t cover her eyes, but… She’s way more than five feet tall when she stands on her hind legs. Definitely original.

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