Work, Work, Work

Spent the day so far doing laundry and writing a blog post about a bit of Swiss history that will be obscure to most people in the world but NOT to the Swiss. Since a couple of my long, long, long, long ago great-great-great-grand uncles were involved in it, and I know about it, and it has an important place inΒ The Brothers Path, it’s not obscure to me. Still, it’s — I admit it — pretty obscure.

One of the big challenges I’m having right now is finding photos to share with the book tour. Let’s face it. I’m like every other woman in the world and I want photos that make me look good. Not good enough for Trump (thank you, God!) who doesn’t want to grab anyone over 35 anyway, but you know, something that doesn’t make me look like a troll. Don’t tell me I always look good; I know that’s just flattery (there, I used the word).

And then there was the “debate.” ’nuff said.


16 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work

    • Thank you — it was a hard decision to let it go white. I basically hid out for three months looking like a red panda got it on with a skunk. Then emerged into the world like a sheep and grew it out. πŸ™‚

      • I got white at my temples in my 40’s and did the highlight/low light thing…the upkeep was way too expensive. You and I would look like two Q-tips walking down the street! πŸ˜€

      • Q-Tip was a nickname a co-worker gave me so I think you’re right. I went white at the temples when I was 23. By my mid-thirties I was obviously gray. My mom couldn’t bear having a “gray-haired daughter” and introduced me to Loving Care (the irony of that blows me away every time I mention it). That was like a drug addiction — once you try it, you’re hooked or funny looking. After a while, my habit was so bad, I turned to the pros… Dark times. Dark red times…

  1. You too look good, most of the time, but no one ALWAYS looks good. Don’t you love movies where the heroine has been dragged by a horse, nearly drowned, fallen off a cliff … and she is not only clean, but her mascara is perfect.

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