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  1. Have just read this piece on the link. Being more Swiss then english these days and being married to a Swiss Reform Church person (more or less) the whole subject matter lays perhaps a little nearer to me than others. In any case I have read the book (of course), love it, and after spending my first two years in Zürich in Switzerland living opposite the Zwingli church, I now know a bit more about this guy. Actually it has raised my interest to read more about Zwingli and what it was all about. Yes a few of Mr. Swiss relations were anabaptists or whatever and arrived somewhere in America, must look into that a bit more. We have a family history book somewhere published by one of his far flung relations.

    • I’m sure there are really good books on Zwingli in CH. There are some good books in English, too. Finding good work on the Anabaptists isn’t as easy, but a publisher in Pennsylvania has focused on them and their stories. I’ve found letters and journals and all kinds of interesting things from way back in the day published there. It’s https://www.masthof.com/ Mr. Swiss could probably find his Anabaptist immigrant family!

      • I printed out the link to the The Genesis Behind the Brother Path and your comments for Mr. Swiss and he read it and was quite impressed. It is a very interesting topic for us. And now it is about time we met one day, perhaps in and around Solothurn/Feldbrunnen on a next visit. 🙂

      • I want to return so much. It’s one of the most persistent thoughts in my mind right now. I couldn’t do half of what I wanted in my trip last spring — in a way, it was a waste of money and time, but I didn’t know what was happening with my book, my Achilles tendon was injured, and my friend had terrible jet lag. I’m waiting to learn now if I have to go to Portland Oregon in June to give a paper at the Historical Novel Society conference and waiting to find out if I “won” a spot at the Iceland Writers Retreat in April. I’m not optimistic in either case, but I have to know. The first would be good for my “business” and the second would be a chance to visit Iceland again on my own with really nice accommodations. But on top of my mind all the time in Switzerland. 🙂 So I will meet you and Mr. Swiss, I know it.

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