Image of the Week: Perspective

Beautiful post about the importance of scale and imagination.

before the second sleep

Image of the Week: Perspective

A few years ago I made many pictures of things I saw that caught my eye, and being around children a lot facilitated that pursuit. Children share a great deal, and are fascinated by so much in the world around them. The trails we frequented at that time were filled with treasures, and links were often made to other activities we participated in, especially reading.

To my great satisfaction, we happened then to be engaged with Alice in Wonderland, a book I’d delighted in as a child and so pleased the children had chosen. They loved the nonsense verse and silliness inherent in the tale, and we looked for portals to Wonderland as we made our sojourns along the wooded areas the trails typically wound through. Evidence of a rabbit in a waistcoat here, a Cheshire Cat there, and their hushed tones of mystery…

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