“Don’t argue with me. I’m your mother.”

The downside of not having kids is that I will never have the chance to present irrationality to them with authority. Sure, I can say it to my dogs, but is it the same, really? Like right now. Bear would like another rawhide chew. But she’s had her limit for the day (+1 because she stole Mindy’s). She’s lying at my feet like the good dog she is, showing me she KNOWS what to do (that’s the “command” actually, “C’mon. You know what to do.”). I could say, “I told you that was the last one. Now don’t argue with me, I’m your mother.”

But I’m not really her mother. We both know it. More to the point, she won’t argue. When I pat her head, the signal that the rawhide chew moment of the day is at an end, she’ll just go to sleep.

In this world we learn to take the bitter with the sweet, and I can make do with her warm soft paw on my bearΒ bare foot rather than a door slamming in the distance and my child in tears behind it.



10 thoughts on “Power

  1. My mother attempted rationality. Unfortunately, I was a kid and eventually, she had to return to the old standby “Shut up before I kill you.” You don’t understand motherhood until you have a snotty teenage. Then, suddenly, it comes clear.

    • I’m sure you’re right. I had snotty teenagers but the first two were stepsons and the rest volunteered to exist under my guidance and friendship. Someone else had to exert illogicality on the volunteers, I had the normal struggles with one of the stepsons, and the other stepson was my friend. SO with the one snotty teenager — not fun at all. And I remember my own phase all to well…

  2. Oddly enough, I never did the “because I’m your mother” routine with my kids. Oh my God, do you suppose I’ve been an unnatural mother all these years without knowing it?! πŸ™‚

    I think the warm soft paw on the bare foot is enchanting, by the way. The image it conjures up is simply wonderful. Lucky Bear, and lucky you!

    • Definitely you’re an unnatural mother, lucky kids! My mom said that to me when I was too old to hear it and she got to hear, “I didn’t choose you.” Oh man, 17… πŸ™‚ Yeah, Bear and I are very fortunate. We just walked down to the PO together to the delight of a family we ran into. The dad said, “I love this dog. I see you walk her every day.” And she leaned against him and he pet her. She’s a really wonderful friend. πŸ™‚

  3. I love that photo I have seen on Pinterest. The woman is looking at the cat who is on the counter hissing, “You’re not my mom!”

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