Blustery October Day; Snowing on the Mountains

Hunting season — notably waterfowl — starts here on “my” slough and along the river on October 9 so Dusty, Bear and I are carpeing the diem until then. I’m told that after the first month things die (ha ha) down and that hiking between 10 and 3 will be pretty safe. That’s fine. I like to head out at 1:00 during the cold months anyway and my jacket is red. It’s been wonderful hiking here every couple of days and photographing the changes.

One of the many things I learned in California is that — in nature — there is no such thing as “nothing” and no spot that’s not “worth” seeing. For the first year or two I hiked in the California chaparral I only hiked one 3/4 mile trail. I learned from that experience that no trail is ever the same trail. It changes all the time. I’m grateful for that lesson and have enjoyed applying it to this short loop and to the longer trail along the Rio Grande I’ve had the chance to follow a few times. I started hiking here at the end of last winter and watching the changes and getting to know the plants and small critters has been wonderful. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing two Sandhill Cranes in the past week, being watched by (and watching) a mated pair of Redtail Hawks, seeing a blue heron a month ago and American White Pelicans in the early spring.

Lately I’ve seen the tracks of deer which makes me think they are already coming down from the high country.


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