Dial M, Ma!

So far today my dilemma is not too profound. Mail out the free books from my Goodreads Giveaway or wait?

I won’t wait. I never wait. The only time on my watch is “now.” That fact right there resolves a lot of life’s dilemmas.

One thing I’ve learned is NOT to buy the books, pay shipping to get them here,  then pay to mail them out. Of course, that’s what I’ve done. Why? Well, so I could inscribe each one to the person who won it, that’s why. But why do that? It makes more sense to me NOW to skip that step altogether and just ship each one directly through Createspace to the winners. Do people really CARE if the book they win in a lottery is inscribed to them?

Perhaps people whose watches only say “now” have to learn more lessons the hard way than people whose watches say “give it some time and think it over.” People with watches that say “Now!” Carpe the Diem, true, but people with the other kind of watch get to decide if they actually want fish.


8 thoughts on “Dial M, Ma!

  1. Oh, I love inscribed books! I bought two at a used book shop and love to read the inscriptions…and then wonder how that person could just give the book away. Tears me up.

    • I have inscribed all of them so far, but this is just absurd — the books I give away on the blog tours will be inscribed, though. I STOLE a book from the library years ago because Pearl Buck had signed it and no one had checked it out in a decade — that was back when the due dates were stamped on that little paper in the book.

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