Last night I was sharing my honeycrisp apple with my dogs which I always do. Mindy and Bear were right next to each other and me. I handed a bite of apple to Mindy who missed it and it fell. It was up for grabs. There is no “alpha female dog” in this house unless you want to call me something you really shouldn’t. I’ve seen Mindy defer to Bear and vice versa. I wondered how it would go. Bear took the apple and looked up at Mindy. She then set the apple in front of Mindy and laid down. Mindy was surprised, then she ate it.

I know Bear knew there was more apple because she could smell it. I was surprised at Bear’s behavior but then I thought, “She’s never known what it is NOT to get her fair share of anything. She has a gentle disposition and loves Mindy. I think she might even be capable of that gesture if there were no more bits of apple. I think I just witnessed Dog Generosity.”



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  1. Although Tabby found it strange, but on the other hand who eats apples – only dogs. Felines have a much more exquisite appetite, like if it moves and breathes eat it?

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