Pretty Damned Boring Post

Style around here is almost always accessorized by dog hair. Summer is khaki shorts and a long-sleeved black t-shirt (all the better to show the dog hair) and winter is red or blue jeans, a band t-shirt from a 70 or 80s punk band and a sweatshirt. When I started this retirement adventure, I had no idea what my style would be, but there it is.

Currently, we’re in the “bridge” season; red jeans, flip-flops and black t-shirt.

Winter means snow boots and wool socks. Vest — if it’s not too cold; jacket if it is. Scarf and hat.

So there it is. Style. Lamont and Dude are not to be found, so while this is a perfect topic for them, you’re stuck with me.

26 thoughts on “Pretty Damned Boring Post

  1. David Frye used to say that dog hair is a condiment. I can put on a new whatever, fresh from plastic wrap … and five minutes later, it’s hairy. However, to be fair, part of the hair is mine. I seem to be shedding a lot these days. Oh well.

  2. Not boring! Lovely doggie, my little boston sheds but he is worth cleaning up after…:)

  3. No dog hair, not even cat hair, Tabby does not have enough of it to throw around. Otherwise I see that we all have the same tactics with dress. Who needs stylish – come on we are stylish, we are the dedicated followers of the t-shirt jeans fashion. You can do so much with those t-shirts. One thing – no matter how I have tried, my feet will not accept flipflops. I get problems between the big toe and the rest, so remain with nice sensible sketchers with soles that grow to the feet. I have tried so much with flip flops, but they do not want to flip or flop on my feet – what am I doing wrong?

  4. It may be a boring prompt but look at all the response you got. Summer is shorts and a short sleeved the shirt, while winter is jeans, yoga pants (sometimes at the same time!) or sweatpants. Winter the sleeves and pants get long and layers becomes the operative word.

    And don’t forget the cat hair! Mine go from buff to black so something will show on whatever I wear.

  5. Old L.L. Bean Yoga pants (elastic waist = bliss), t-shirt and old Birkenstocks here. I’m far past trying to look good at any cost. Now it’s comfort above all.

    For years, I blamed our son’s Malamute for the constant dust bunnies in our house. Then I took a good look at one of them, and most of the offending hair was mine! Silver and white, and far too long to be a dog’s. No wonder I’m feel as though my hair’s thinning; it probably is! 🙂

    • I like LL Bean’s khaki shorts, the old-school basic ones. I have some that are almost 10 years old and only this year did they start to show wear — fraying at the edges of the legs; tiny holes on the seams.

  6. I share your style–only mine is covered in cat hair. In that respect, my style has not changed in years! It’s my signature look.

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