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  1. Far too early for our latti and longi tudes. I still have flowers in my garden and my basil I kept in two pots on the table. They will be the first to go and one of the last to arrive in Spring. The first signs here will be putting the Winter tyres on the car.

  2. Bear! Oh, I could just hug that beautiful animal!

    We’ve had an unbelievably hot summer up here in the “Frozen Wasteland,” (as some U.S. folks seem to think Canada is), and it looks as though it’s going to extend right into the fall. Not a single leaf has changed colour, which is about a month later than the usual approach of fall. I can’t imagine what’s ahead for us this winter; some folks are saying it’s going to be as cold and bitter as our summer has been hot and humid, so perhaps folks down in the States know something we don’t know….

    • When I last looked at a global prediction for fall, it looked like it was going to be unseasonably warm in the northeast which would be you. Bear would LOVE a hug. 🙂 I’m about to go satisfy her dream of a walk.

  3. Martha, you’ve given me a ray of hope. Winters here are mostly grey and gloomy, and my SAD reacts accordingly. Warm may just possibly mean more sunny days, for which I will be endlessly grateful! Thanks! (And give Beautiful Bear a Big Hug from me, ‘kay?)

    • P.S. That’s why I didn’t retire to Montana. The SHORT winter days would be horrible. Here the sun shines 300+ days/year, not always all day, but… And the days never get all that short.

  4. Cold AND sunshine? Heaven is right! Lucky you!

    Ah well, perhaps Fate will allow me to visit Colorado one day, although given the sad state of our Canadian dollar, a glimpse of heaven would be all I’d get. 🙂 🙂

  5. I spent a year on isolated duty in the Aleutians. The sun came out for 15 minutes one day and they declared a squadron holiday (we BBQd a Caribou on the hanger deck). We had one suicide and several attempts. I always thought not seeing the sun had something to do with that. It’s very depressing not seeing the sun.

    • Wow. That’s a story.

      The year I was in China was an El Nino year and for four months the sun came out only three or four times and it rained steadily. Since every article of clothing in Guangzhou at the time was washed by hand and hung out to dry, on those days EVERYTHING shut down so people could do laundry.

      • I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which is basically depression brought on by lack of exposure to sunshine, so yes, Rob, you’re absolutely right: not seeing the sun for long periods of time can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, and the urge to just give it all up.

        Sunlight makes an enormous difference to people who are sensitive to light levels. And indoor light doesn’t do the job; it takes full-spectrum lighting to do any good at all. Full-spectrum light boxes are often lifesavers to those folks.

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