No $20 Whores

So, since I have sold only one hardcopy (ebooks sell better) of The Brothers Path (and that was to a guy who’s one of my oldest friends) and never mind Martin of Gfenn or Savior, I began to do research into different advertising. Createspace is so helpful in this regard (she said, tongue in cheek) and offers the chance to have a review by a professional, big-time, reviewer just like REAL (EF U!) authors have.

OK. I’ll bite. Click.

Yeah, I see it, fancy covers, reputable reviewers, a line or two, or just, “Sensational!” Lamont P. Reviewer, NYTimes Book Review.

I want that. Ok. Click and then…


Yikes!  That’s nearly 1/4 of my monthly income. That’s NEARLY my house payment. And it’s a gamble. You’re not paying for a good review (that would even be more whoreish). You’re just paying for a review — good, neutral or bad, you’re out at least $400.

And another thing…millennials.

Here in the world of guerilla publishing many of my allies are millennials. I have contact with them daily. They’re great. They support my books, they offer me opportunities to write blog posts, they interview me and they give my books awards. Not Millennials exclusively, but largely. I like them. The fact that we’re all out here, the vanguard of “I don’t need no stinkin’ publisher!” makes me proud.

14 thoughts on “No $20 Whores

  1. Holy crap! Now your post title really makes sense. For $425, I’ll write a book review for you: “Fantastic reading!” My bill will be forthcoming….

  2. Me too, Martha! Now I have a hard copy AND a Kindle copy for my ipad. I’m trying to buy most of my books as ebooks now, against the day when downsizing forces me to give up much of my precious library of hundreds of printed books. (Over the years, I’ve culled them over and over, but they just keep propagating and overflowing my bookshelves.) I dread that day, but I also have to be realistic! It will be like giving away my children. 😦

    • You’re awesome — I know what you mean. I got rid of more than 1/2 my books when I moved to Colorado. Those I kept I have already read but it’s like they’re “more than books” to me. They won’t mean anything to whoever cleans out my stuff after I die, but they mean a lot to me. ❤ Books I bought in China and my favorite books and some books of my dad. They're more like bits of life than just books.

  3. I notice a definite difference in the sale of my paperbacks and my e-books. No question that e-books are selling much better. I’m just glad I FINALLY stopped kicking and screaming about being dragged into the 21st century — and agreed to seriously court the digital readers. They certainly aren’t making me rich, but it does feel good to have deposits going into my bank account each month.

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