Going Home Together with Dusty, Mindy and Lily T. Wolf, September 17, 2014

Two years ago today I left my stone house in the Cuyamaca Mountains east of San Diego and hit the road. My first destination was a nice motel in San Diego where, on September 18, I’d deal with renting a van, meeting up with the very nice person who brought my car out here, and saying goodbye to friends.

The  journey taught me something about “together,” or, rather, my dogs did. I had a very old Siberian husky, Lily T. Wolf, then 15 years old. She, Dusty, Mindy and I made the journey home together. I was worried how Lily would make the trip. I’d thought I should put her to sleep rather than “putting her through” two days on the road, life in a cabin, etc. etc. but… Lily wouldn’t have missed the journey.

Dogs. Some people think they are good company for me. My mom thought they were surrogate children. I think they’re dogs and dogs have unique dog virtues and, on that journey, I learned something about them I hadn’t known before. I learned what it means to be part of a pack.

We humans are pretty arrogant with our opposable thumbs and forward facing eyes, but we don’t know everything. Lily was a very happy traveler. Mindy acted as her seeing eye dog at first in the new house (Mindy is an Australian shepherd, after all). Dusty was very careful of his girls and of me. They NEVER would have thought of moving without ME.

Oddly enough, they were helpful — I can’t say exactly HOW. It wasn’t like they could carry boxes or make decisions about real estate — it was more their perspective on things. As long as we were together they were calm, happy and curious about everything.

What a lesson. I don’t think the move — which could have been traumatic as it involved losing my job, uprooting my life, leaving behind my dream home — would have been the thing of beauty it was without them.


A few days after we moved into our new house, October 20, 2014


8 thoughts on “Going Home Together with Dusty, Mindy and Lily T. Wolf, September 17, 2014

  1. Lily knew she was both needed and wanted. Animals in general, and dogs in particular, are so much smarter than some people give them credit for. I am happy this was such a great move for you, Martha.

    • You’re right — I also think Lily sincerely WANTED to come along. There was a message, “I wanna go! Can I go? I wanna go! Will there be snow there? There will? I wanna go!” 🙂

  2. I remember roughly when it all happened What a journey, but what memories and now you are happy and glad. Time goes far to quickly sometimes,

    • Yep. And today I went to a quilt show up in the mountains with a woman I didn’t know two years ago and am very glad I do know. It’s been all around a good move. 🙂

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