Besties Forever

“You SHOP?”

“Hi Alex.”

“What do you BUY?”


“Wow. I never saw a professor at Safeway before.”

“I’m sure it’s pretty freaky.”

“What do you eat?”

“I like sandwiches.”

“No way! I like sandwiches, too!”

“Perfect food. Meat, veggies, carbs and they’re portable.”

“Right? I have one right here! I bet you make your own.”

“Yeah, it’s cheaper that way.”

“I can’t believe we’re just talking like this in the store, you know, like people!”

“It happens.”

“I guess professors have to shop, too, right?”

And for the rest of the semester, Alex came to every office hour and hung out because the Professor and Student who accidentally run into each other at the supermarket are forever besties.

10 thoughts on “Besties Forever

  1. Supermarkets are fantastic places to meet with all walks of life. I meet my doctor, ex director and lots of retired teachers. I suppose we all have to eat at some time.

  2. Garry’s fans used to see him (or us, but I didn’t count) in the supermarket and be awestruck that he went shopping. Everyone was convinced he earned MILLIONS of dollars a year and we had HELP to do all that mundane stuff. If only 🙂

    • It’s so weird. I think my student thought I was “above” such menial tasks and we really did bond over the sandwich thing. Sometimes, before my night class, he’d BRING me a sandwich. “Hope you like it, teach.” I miss the good times of teaching. They were full of funny things like that.

  3. I know exactly how Alex felt as I remember bumping into my University lecturer at a takeaway once. It was a surreal experience. Lecturers eat junk food?!

    • I know! I saw a couple of my professors at the supermarket when I was a student. They seemed out of place there and awkward, I think it was I who was awkward.

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