Draw the World

Pelton Avenue, Bellevue, Nebraska. The home of my “sidewalk” years, roller-skates, pull a wagon, go to your friend’s house, draw hop-scotch with chalk or charcoal.

I still like sidewalks. Dusty, Bear, Mindy and I enjoy the one that goes to and around the local high school. Last fall we saw some wondrous things drawn on that sidewalk — maps of the world. “Here’s chalk,” I imagined the geography or history teacher saying, “Go out there and draw the world.”



8 thoughts on “Draw the World

  1. The “sidewalk” in your photo looks more like the ones we had in London. I got to know every irregularity and crevice on our street. Chalk was a main component of design, expecially for Hop Scotch. The main part was the slope for trying out the roller skates.

  2. We have a Chalk Art Festival every year here downtown. The most wonderful art pieces are drawn on the sidewalk with colored chalk. It’s great!

  3. If like your imagining. I think it might be a better world if more teachers handed out colored chalk and told their students to go draw it. Eddie Izzard is hilarious. How did you discover him?

    • I LOVE the high school in my town. It’s made me weep quiet happy tears many times and those maps were one of the moments. Only one group spelled Arctic with two c’s, though, and while I cringed, I also thought it was adorable because they were learning. I wanted to take chalk of my own and write, “I love this” but I never did.

      Eddie Izzard — oh man. That’s a man I’d marry. I got to see him live in 2008 and it was wonderful. The Evil X introduced me to him, and while that doesn’t make the Evil X less evil, I’m glad to have learned about him. Definitely improved my life. My favorite joke is Noah telling his sons to get two of every animal, and listing them, two elephants, two kangaroos, two ostriches, two tigers, two dogs, etc. When Noah comes back in the evening to check on the work, he only sees two tigers. 😀

      • How perfect it would have been if you had followed your instinct and written “I love this,” a message for students, the teacher, the world to read and interpret as they wished. Between Eddie’s video and joke, I think I’m going to have to pursue this man.

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