Have a Nice Day

She stepped into the purview of the electric eye and the door opened. Sometimes, for her own amusement, she’d make little “magic” gestures with her hands as if casting an “open door” spell on the front of the supermarket, but not today. Not every day needed magic.

She hadn’t been in a large grocery store for months. She’d resolved to shop local and the store near her mountain house was small, expensive and had a limited selection. This was, OH MY GOD! Three of the little local store would fit in here…

“Vons shoppers. In our deli department we’re having a sale on tapioca pudding. Bring a great dessert home to your family tonight.”

“Hmm, I guess someone might think tapioca pudding from Vons is a ‘great’ dessert.” She laughed to herself, then began her exploration of the uncharted wilds of the new, and very super, market.

Oh wow. There was her favorite pasta sauce. Oh man. They had her favorite Italian brand of soda! Oh wow, there was EVERYTHING and it was CHEAP(er). A wonderful selection of vegetables and fruit. Raspberries! A display piled high with her favorite apples! Oh MAN!!! She headed down the frozen food aisle and then it happened.

From the loudspeakers above her head she heard…

“Crystal Ship.”

“I’m OLD,” she stopped in her tracks. “When the music of your youth is background music at the grocery store, that’s it. You’re over.”

She walked solemnly up and down the aisles. Reaching the checkout counter, she loaded her things onto the conveyer belt. “How are you today?” asked the checker.

“I’m here,” she answered, offering facts where there were no feelings.

“Did you find everything you wanted?”

She nodded.

“Have a nice day!”



12 thoughts on “Have a Nice Day

  1. I enjoyed that one. It could have been me, but no music in swiss supermarkets, just a loudspeaker now and again, and only really for the workers telling them to occupy a till because they are understaffed. Music like that in a supermarket would be great and the supermarket presentation, something I have not seen like that for a long while. It was very soothing. Here the idea is pile it up and make sure it is sold, no imagination – your local supermarket? I know most of the sales ladies at the till, but now and again I meet someone I knew from the days when I was working. And them I notice they are now old, and I realise I must also now be old. I cannot remember their names, just their faces. If only they would play something from the sixties. Just “Nowhere Man” would do it for me.

    • “Nowhere Man” in a supermarket would be great. The photo is from a California supermarket like the one I used to shop in. But Swiss markets are overall smaller than ours. I think the shopping philosophy is different.

  2. Tapioca is central to my vision of the future. I’m being spoon fed down at the VA hospital. The tapioca dribbles onto my chin and looks nasty. My caregivers take pictures and post them on the net. #oldfarteatingtapioca=hilarious. I’m gonna go curl up for a while now.

  3. I am grateful our grocery store doesn’t have music. I think they tried it and the locals rioted. Nor is there a loudspeaker. No announcements. If there’s a special, you’ll have to hunt it down on your own.

    • It’s happened at the Safeway in Alamosa that I’ve found myself in a critique of the piped in music with another customer. “That’s awful,” said one woman. I looked up and saw she was talking to me. “What’s awful?” “That music. They have much better music at City Market, don’t you think?” But in this vast and empty neighborhood, things like that happen…

  4. We do have a guy who is a loud speaker. He stands in the front of the store and shouts if there’s important news (like the power is out and the card readers are not working).

  5. Ah, yes, The Doors and the Crystal Ship. Memories. I enjoyed this snapshot of my blog friend Martha in a supermarket; it could have been me. Equally enjoyable: your comment exchange with Utah Rob, one of my favorite writers.

    • Utah Rob is one of my favorite writers, too. I like his writing and I always enjoy our exchanges. Now I’m hearing music from the 90s in the supermarket so… I think they’re accelerating things a bit. Those guys should get another 10 years…

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