Dude and Lamont Ponder Fifty

“Now THAT’s a number.”

“Nothing gets by you, does it Lamont.”

“Not often. Sometimes. But 50 has always impressed me. It has heft, solidity.”

“You mean in and of itself or as an age for a human?”

“Funny how many humans regard 50 as ‘senior,’ that being a euphemism for ‘old,’ but they don’t know what old is.”

“I don’t think most of them know how old they actually ARE.”

“Definitely not.”

“Billions and billions and billions.”

“Well, if all humans saw themselves in THOSE terms, it would certainly change the Senior’s Menu at Denny’s.”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a couple of years ago. They have the uncanny ability to remember most — if not all — of their incarnations. This gives them a very different perspective on life, the universe and everything. If you enjoyed this and would like to read more, just type Lamont and Dude in the search bar.


4 thoughts on “Dude and Lamont Ponder Fifty

  1. I think half of those meals would bring me a few new incarnations. Dude and Lamont seem to be able to survive everything. Do you think they will be around for the next elections, or will they prefer to go back to ancient Rome or perhaps the spanish inquisition, it might be safer.

    • They can’t go back anywhere. They’re here, now. They can only remember. They will, however, continue to refrain from commenting on politics which they tend to see as unimportant blips in the space/time continuum. I doubt they even know it’s an election year. What you can’t see in the photos is the size of the portion which, for seniors, are very small (a good thing). Denny’s menu looks better than Denny’s actual food, too. Life in America is about “Eating the Menu.” And that is an essay by Alan Watts that really rings true. Americans, for sure, prefer what they anticipate to what they have.

  2. In defense of our local Denny’s here in Southern Illinois, I have to say that every meal I’ve had there for years has been really good and looked a whole lot like what the picture in the menu showed. On Christmas Day, they are the only restaurant in a 3-county area open for business, and my sister and I like to take that time together to celebrate with a big breakfast. We’ve never been disappointed. They provide a much appreciated service by being open that day because there are so many people who have no family to celebrate the day with, And the service is particularly good that day because the people working on Christmas are there because they really want to work to earn extra holiday pay and to be with festive people. I do have to give our Denny’s a great big thumbs up.

    • 🙂 I kind of miss Denny’s. I think a lot depends on where the particular one is located and who its clientele is. Anyway, Lamont and Dude would NEVER dis Denny’s, but they do order off the 55,000,000+ menu.

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