Creative Writing

“She gave me a D. I deserved an F.”

“In what?”

“Creative Writing. I hate her. She’s an idiot.”

“She gave you the D so as not to jeopardize your graduation. If you’d failed, you wouldn’t graduate.”

“A passing grade from her is an insult.”

Honestly, at 18, I was more about “principle” than “sense.” Thank goodness my Creative Writing teacher had a longer view… And yeah; in 1970, “D” was a passing grade. No “do-overs” back in the day.

6 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. We never had do-overs in high school or college where I was in school, and in all the years I taught school, no school system I was acquainted with allowed do-overs until the very late 1980’s — when we got serious about dumbing-down our next generations.

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