13 thoughts on ““Those EYES!!!”

  1. They have wonderful eyes. My niece had a husky, a puppy she rescued from behind a window in the full sun in a pet shop in Greece. That was a wonderful dog, he passed away last year, but also had such beautiful blue eyes.

  2. Wanna hear something weird? Very pale blue eyes freak me out, just a little, although at the same time I think they’re gorgeous. Heaven only knows why that might be; I certainly don’t! Too many scary movies as a kid, perhaps?….

    Of course I suppose it could be that I’m just plain weird. But no, that’s not possible, right? Right? 🙂

  3. All the dogs that I meet have such wonderful eyes that it gets me jealous. 😛 my lovely ‘Biscuit’ have bluey- green eyes and his on and off friend has the most amazing yellow gold eyes! I should probably post a picture of both of them someday.

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