“Up There, by the Dinner Plates. Thanks!”

I’m 5’1″. Most people are taller. I’ve been 5’1″ since I was 12. The world is not designed for people of my stature, but for people who are at least 3 inches taller than I am. 3 inches doesn’t seem like much but when it’s about reaching for plates on the top shelf, it’s a big difference.

I know that people in the past were more around my height because old furniture — such as my dry sink from the 1900s — is a very nice height for me to prepare food. It’s about 4 inches lower than my kitchen counters.

I’m not whining. It’s kind of amusing being short. I have a somewhat tall personality because people have very often — after knowing me for months or even years — sometimes suddenly realize that I only come up to their shoulder. “You’re short!” they say in surprise, as if I’d pulled a trick on them.

Tall people will say, “You’re lucky,” as if this is some kind of competition of altitudinal disadvantage. “I can’t even buy jeans long enough! All you have to do is cut yours off!”

Yeah but no one pats tall people on their head (without a step ladder) and says, “You’re so gosh darn cute!”Β My friend L gave me a beautiful shirt with that saying emblazoned across the front. It’s true. It’s red. It’s informative. It’s a warning.  ❀




13 thoughts on ““Up There, by the Dinner Plates. Thanks!”

  1. So imagine my surprise when my son topped 6’4″ by the time he was 16. I keep shrinking. Garry keeps shrinking. Anything on those top shelves is gone forever, or until someone tall visits πŸ™‚

  2. I’m 5’4″, which I have been since I was about 12, also. That quote–‘though she be but little…” I have it tattooed on me (I love ink). It absolutely is me!

  3. I graduated from high school at 5’9″, from college at 5’10”, and law school at 5’11”. At 30, one nurse measured me at 6′ but I think it was an anomaly, since I’ve been 5’11” ever since except briefly after a car accident when I lost an inch. No one else in my family kept growing like this, but the medical records were clear. Maybe I just had terrifically bad posture for several years!

  4. Well, I’m around three inches taller and it recently took several years to dawn on me that what I thought was average height is no longer considered by the fashion industry to be average height, despite most people I see being around my height. Surprised to find that my – I’m putting this kindly to me – mature, curvy, five foot three and a bit figure is considered to be Petite, and here was me thinking petite was small and dainty. Seemingly clothes manufacturers changed their averages, ramping up average height to six or seven inches taller than little old me.

    Now I’ve cottoned on I can occasionally buy dresses and skirts that don’t trip me up. Ah, I think, that dress or skirt looks good. I’d like to have that, it would go with other stuff in my wardrobe. The description on the site tells me it’s knee length or just above the knee. Fine, just what I want. Until I read further down and find the model is five feet ten and a half and the sleeves actually look long on her. So please clothes manufacturers, for us not so petite Petite, can you come up with another description and be clearer about lengths for us who used to be average but are now oddities.

    • Oh the fashion industry seems to me to be on a lot of strange drugs. πŸ™‚ I have a 28 inseam but I’ve bought petite pants that were high-waters on me? How in the world????

  5. And I am 1m 75mm and Mr. Swiss 1m 73. My oldest son 1m 85 and my youngest 1m83. sorry don not know it in feet and inches, but in any case I am one of the tall ones, the one they always put in the middle when the class photo was taken to position everyone else around me. However, after 48 years almost of married life, it seems to work out. and who cares about short people, I wish I was short sometimes, but we are never satisfied are we? I just love randy Newman songs and was waiting for this one to turn up.

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