Kelly O’Dog’s Great Obsession

Kelly O’Dog had an obsession. Tennis balls. It was an honest obsession seeing as how she was a golden retriever. She loved to go to Dog Beach in San Diego with me and chase tennis balls. We also body surfed together.

Once at some pet store I found a GREAT toy for a dog like Kelly who loved to fetch and who loved to swim. It was shaped like a barbell and it floated. It was bright orange so the human could see it.

Kelly and I went to the beach with this great toy and I threw it and she fetched it. Then, I threw it, she fetched it and disappeared. I looked everywhere for her and finally found her looking hopefully up at the raised arm of a man who was about to throw a tennis ball. She’d dropped the fancy toy at his feet in exchange.

When Kelly died, I set her up with half a dozen tennis balls to take with her to the afterlife.

16 thoughts on “Kelly O’Dog’s Great Obsession

  1. Oh, Martha–this is so wonderful. I hope that man appreciated her ditching her toy for him. What a beautiful send off.

        • Wow. I’ve never gotten one for Bear. I think she’d like it but you know, first a tennis ball and then the hard stuff. She has this toy that’s kind of like a giant tennis ball. It’s supposed to be the head of the Statue of Liberty. It’s a big ball with nubs all around it that’s covered in fleece. She will even cuddle it when she sleeps.

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