Not Funny — Lamont and Dude Discuss Humor

“Hey Lamont, you know what I notice?”

“No idea, Dude. How could I?”

“A lot of what I think is funny most people don’t think is funny.”

“Of course. That has to be the case. You and I have a VERY long view of Life on Earth. We’ve seen things come and we’ve seen things go, including ourselves, so it only makes sense that stuff people alive today get worked up about is hilarious to us. Remember when you were on TV? You just pissed people off in EVERY direction. You weren’t trying to be funny AND you weren’t trying to piss anyone off. You just said it as you saw it but the problem is you see WAY too much.”

“Maybe. I made some jokes that day, too. Right over their heads. It was discouraging, or would have been if it weren’t so funny.”

“Yeah, I get that. I thought it was hilarious when you said that there couldn’t be ‘God’ as people perceive him. I laughed until I cried.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That ugly chick asked you if you believed in God. You asked her what she meant, and she said God was the creator of the world who controlled what happened on it. You told her that was crazy, that it went against nature for someone to “…have a creative intelligence AND be a micro-managing mid-level administrator’.”

“That wasn’t a joke, Lamont.”



About Dude and Lamont — these are characters I came up with a couple of years ago. They remember MOST of their incarnations and are often invited to speak on their memories of their experiences as different beings over the eons.

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    • That would be cool. Lamont and Dude reminded me how little that would matter when I return as phytoplankton and am sucked up by a whaleshark. Then they laughed. There’s something sinister about them.

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