A Taste of the Wild

“Cheap! Cheap! CHEAP! CHEAP! cheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapCHEAP!”

“BEAR!!! Just kill it. Poor thing.”


“Oh well.” I leave Dusty and Bear in the dog run and go back to the house, Mindy right behind me, to make coffee and breakfast, wondering what Bear will do. I think this is her first successful “hunt.”


“What do you think, Mindy?”

“I think I’d like a strawberry…”

“Here, sweet girl.”


“OK. C’mon you guys, let’s get your breakfast. Is it still alive? Poor baby. C’mon Bear, lets get your breakfast. You can bring it. Good dog. OK, baby, let me have it. Good girl. There you go. Go inside.” I look around for a 2 x 4 and, as fast as I can, put the baby robin out of its misery.

I don’t think Bear fully realized that was not her usual toy and that it was — mostly — moving around on its own.


12 thoughts on “A Taste of the Wild

  1. Some of my dogs and a few cats would bring the baby birds inside, as far as I could tell completely unharmed. I never could figure out what they expected me to do with them. Couldn’t put the back in their nest and they never survived nursing efforts. Gifts??

    • My yard has been an incubator and nursery for robins this year. I knew there’d be a moment like that. I just can’t believe the kind of dog Bear is. “Give me that, baby.” “OK. Here.” My huskies would’ve eaten it — shared it amongst themselves but still eaten it. Dogs are just amazing.

      • She’s definitely unusual. I was trying to explain to a friend that Bear doesn’t really like to run. She said, “All dogs like to run!” but Bear prefers to amble. The reason is completely clear to me. She was bred to keep sheep and goats calm. If those dogs started running it could only mean (to the sheep) giant evil predator here now and all hell would break loose. I think almost everything about her is designed to keep very stupid creatures on an even keel. That’s why she works so well with me! 😉

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