People like me, raised in the “cowboy style,” don’t take praise easily.

They believe in “taking a man at his word,” and judging each person by his/her actions, giving each other the benefit of the doubt and sharing what they have. Praise one of those people and they’re likely to say, “It’s nothing. All in a day’s work.”

In the cowboy mentality, you do your best because otherwise, how are you going to get any sleep at night? “You leave it like that,” my uncle would say to my cousins, my dad would say to me, “you won’t be able to sleep tonight. Do it over and do it right.”

Once during my teaching career I was praised. My boss introduced me to some other people and said, “This is the best classroom teacher I have ever seen.” My inner cowboy thought the comment was possibly fake and set an impossible standard for me to maintain.

That’s why praise is rare among cowboys. Chasing cows is a hard life (not that I’ve ever done it; I can barely ride) and a lot of things are out of our control. Some days are just better than others and there is no reason to make an old boy feel like a failure over something he can’t help. That’s when cowboy “support systems” come into play; “You’ll do better next time.” “Need a hand there, pardner?” “Next time you might want to watch where you’re going.” “Sleep on it. Things’ll look better in the morning. They always do.”


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  1. So I guess this attitude is where the phrase “cowboy up” comes from. When i was younger, I thought it meant, “get on your horse.”

      • On a morning I had intended o use to get an early start on writing, I instead went to the cowboy up site and spent way too much time there. When I read cowboy wisdom, my mind ignited with the desire to write a column or blog based on it. I don’t know when or exactly how, but I know I will, perhaps for the next National Day of the Cowboy next July. On occasion we still see real cowboys in Craig, usually they’re from Baggs, Wyoming, and have come to the big city to shop.So the tangent you sent me on was time well spent.

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