Dear Everybody

I’m not reading anything anyone writes and I’m barely writing myself. I’m very sorry and I miss all of that. I hope soon I’ll be back to normal (?) but for now I’m in the throes everything I wrote about yesterday. Today I uploaded a second edition of Martin of Gfenn  onto Createspace. It’s the same book with a new cover, but as I hadn’t used Createspace in the first place, and really their system is better than Lulu’s, I had to do it. That meant taking an old version of the manuscript (because the laptop on which it was saved died long ago) and cleaning it up in the most tedious and arcane ways. So, sometime in the not-to-distant future a pretty version of MOG will be for sale at a lower price as well as a vastly improved Kindle version.

All this happened because of major improvements in self-publishing platforms in the past several years AND my deciding to take all this a lot more seriously.

7 thoughts on “Dear Everybody

  1. I understand completely. I’m doing the same, except that for me, it’s writing….finally! It appears I’m on a roll at last, and everything else in my life is playing second fiddle while my fingers fly and my butt gets sore from sitting for hours in front of my computer keyboard.

    But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? See you when we come back to the world! 🙂

  2. Martha you should be downloading to an external hard drive that will hold a book. They don’t cost an arm or a leg. You won’t have to worry about dead computers or lost work. I’ll continue to read and comment as time allows but as you have noted I don’t comment on some posts. I can’t keep every body happy and I know that or I hope that it’s not expected in the blogging community. So don’t worry, people will continue to support you even if you don’t visit their blog. 🙂

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