A Raise

When I was teaching, if I got good words from a student (or even a boss, but that was rare as I was a semi-slave and to keep a semi-slave in bondage it’s important not to let them get “uppity” and to make sure they’re grateful to be employed) I called it a “raise.”

Martin of Gfenn got a raise recently and I only learned of it today. It was a real mood-lifter!

Hello Martha,

I truly enjoyed your historical fiction “Martin of Gfenn”.

Since I was born in Switzerland, I was especially interested in your story. My niece lives in the general area of the book. Not too many novels have been written about that time, Switzerland was still in its infancy, barely separated from the Habsburg rule. Zurich joined the Swiss Confederation the first time in 1351, but was expelled and then joined again in 1450. Not too much of this was taught in school.

I felt compelled to send a print book to my brother in Switzerland. He taught latin languages and literature for many years. He just recently retired.

This is what he had to say:

. . . Dir zu danken für das Buch von M. Kennedy, Martin of  Gfenn, das ich vor der Reise nach Andalusien mit grossem Vergnügen gelesen habe. Die Geschichte dieses Martin wird von M. Kennedy grossartig erzählt und die Geschichte an sich ist auch sehr stark. Ich war von diesem Roman begeistert und das kommt nicht alle Tage vor (, obwohl ich nach wie vor viele Bücher lese.)



Thank you for the book, written by M. Kennedy, Martin of Gfenn. I read it during my travels to Andalusien with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. The story of Martin is told by M. Kennedy with spellbinding language. The intensity of the story itself is exceptional. I read it with enthusiasm, which is not often the case these days, even though I’m an avid reader.

I thought you ought to know. Hopefully it will brighten your day.

Thank you for a great read.

9 thoughts on “A Raise

  1. A mood lifter indeed, being the friend of many teachers I can relate to your feelings on that. You deserve such superb praise.

  2. Your Swiss reader took the words out of my mouth. I love Martin and am just starting The Brothers Path, a copy of which mysteriously appeared in my mail the other day. It starts wonderfully and I expect I will finish it quickly, if I can keep the brothers straight. To the angel who sent it to me, thank you!

    • You’re welcome!!! I think the brothers get clearer as time passes when they start doing things… I wrote them that way so that readers would get to know them the way we get to know people in our own lives. Maybe not the best plan, but…

      Heinrich is the oldest in his late 30s – runs the mill with his father
      Hannes is second in his 30s — Cistercian monk
      Peter is third, early 30s — Soldier
      Conrad is fourth in his late 20s/early 30s — Breeds horses, lives in “castle”
      Thomann is fifth — 21 or so — Steady, stable guy
      Andreas is sixth — 19 yrs old — youngest, there when the baby is born

  3. That’s definitely a keeper, Martha! In fact, I’d be thinking about framing it and putting it up over my computer desk…. 🙂

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