Glass on the Beach

That made you cringe, am I right? Just the thought of glass on the beach?

I live almost right by Great Sand Dunes National Park but I had not visited them until today. I was waiting, I guess, for an outing that fit me. My neighbors and I went this morning, walked about a mile up Medano Creek, a seasonal creek which is nearing the end of its flow. It was beautiful and it was fun.

And since we made the plan last Sunday I kept thinking, “Three old ladies are going out to play,” and that’s what we did.

Unfortunately, the problem with my Achilles tendon is not completely resolved so I’m being careful with it, having learned what makes it hurt. No bare left foot for Martha. The flip-flops are, paradoxically, “good” for the tendon because of the way I have to walk when I wear them. Their heel is not quite flat and it’s nice and soft, so one shoe on/one shoe off, brace and all, moving slower than my friends might have liked, and maybe not as far, but it’s either that or I don’t go.

The Great Sand Dunes are mysterious. They do not look real. They look like they were airbrushed onto a painted blue background. I took photos but I couldn’t capture this quality, so you’ll have to believe me. There are tracks on this dune where people have hiked up and then “sand-boarded” down, a sport that’s snow-boarding on sand with specially designed boards. I’d love to try that, but…


And as far as we walked I saw no glass on the beach. There were cowboys, though. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Glass on the Beach

  1. The last time I really met glass on a beach I needed some stitches, so I’m glad you didn’t really.

    Those dunes DO look quite unreal and very beautiful.

  2. Great picture and I enjoyed learning about them. I think Texas has some dunes but they do not compare to the vastness of the National park’s Great Sand Dunes. Not as high or as pretty. I’ve not seen any dunes but “your” dunes are unbelievable from your description.

    • I’ve only seen three sets of dunes and the most amazing are in New Mexico where the sand is as white as snow — but I saw them as a kid and now, I think, they might amaze me more. There are some dunes in California that are often used in films. They’re not like these dunes in Colorado, though, not as high or as mysterious.

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