Lamont and Dude, Deprived and Depraved

“Deprive, Lamont?”

“I know. Sigh.”

“DePRAVE would be more interesting.”

“Maybe, but sometimes is a cause and effect thing. You’re deprived and that leads you to depravity and you steal bread. Look at Jean Valjean.”

“Being deprived was always a major downer. Still, worst of all, being deprived of life. That is, if you KNOW you’re about to be deprived of your life.”

“Everyone feels that way. That’s not going to rock the world, your saying that.”

“I remember back when you were deprived of both reason and love. Remember that long distance love affair you carried on back in the day?”

“That was YOUR long distance love affair, Dude. YOU were the one deprived and depraved. Sitting on a hump of sand. Waiting for a message in a bottle.”

“Oh yeah. My bad. Thanks for the burrito, by the way.”

“No worries. Nothing like an egg and chorizo burrito to bring the wandering mind back to reality.”

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