Summer Evening

Today I remembered this sweet summer hike from long ago…

Running up that Hill with Dogs

I’m with Molly. The hot afternoon air is beginning to retreat but still prickles my skin. I have a gallon of water in my backpack — half for me, half for my dog. We run down the steep hill to the river, low and foetid this time of year, the stepping stones are easy, the cattails are ripe, ready to seed any day now, any day, dragonflies hover. I touch foot to dust on the other side, release my dog from her leash and we take the steep hill, already in shadow, good. We RUN up. We LIKE to run up this quarter mile hump of madness. The top is a choice, right or left? Left is the high trail, looks down on the valley then drops down hard and sudden a mile or two away. Right? Two possibilities — all the way down to the wash or midway, a special trail…

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