Lamont and Dude Discuss Understanding

“‘Seek not to be understood. Seek to understand’.”

“Jaysus, Dude.”

“That’s what the poster says.”

“You didn’t make that up?”

“No. But it’s good, don’t you think?”

“What’s good about it is that I CAN exercise some control over what I do so it’s possible for me to try to understand others. I have nothing to say about what they choose to do, so I can’t MAKE them understand me. It’s just good sense.”

“I understand you, pal. You’re actually a pretty understanding guy. I mean, you’ve been around the block a few times, seen a few things.”

“I love your understatement, Dude. The thing is, all the time, every single minute of every day, I’m surrounded by things and people I don’t understand at all. Ultimately, in spite of our understanding — even if it’s very profound and complete — we’re stuck with what people DO, and the best of motives can lead to the strangest actions. Happened to me a million times. I expect it’ll keep happening until I find the key to getting off this ‘quivering meat wheel of flesh’.”

“‘Quivering meat wheel’? What does that MEAN?”

“The wheel of Dharma, Dude. Jack Kerouac described it that way several times. We’re meat and we’re stuck on the Wheel of Dharma. It’s the Hindu world view.”

“Is it YOUR world view?”

“No, but it’s still a good description — we’re on the earth, right? This spheroid spinning through space, circling the sun, and we’re animals, flesh. Earth is a meat wheel. I don’t know where the ‘quivering’ comes in, though. I think Kerouac was just being artistic or something. And the ‘of flesh’ is just redundant. Meat pretty much equals flesh.”

“What is your world view?”

“Dude are you serious? How can anyone who’s been in and out of here so many times have a world view? At the risk of evoking a really cheesy song, I figured out a long time ago that we are the world. We can’t view it; we aren’t just ON it, we ARE it. At any given iteration I could be a microbe, an oak tree, a maverick ram wandering around an Iceland peninsula, a woman decorating the spare room for the birth of her son, a big white dog with tonsillitis, a raven surfing a thermal from a California cliff, an egregious moth participating in a New England plague, a star-gazer lily — who knows?”

“That’s your world view?”

“The point, Dude, is that after a few iterations we should understand everything, but there’s that damned trans-species, trans-iteration amnesia. We’re emerge with different brains every time we show up. The only consistency is the survival imperative.”



8 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Discuss Understanding

  1. Yeah, well he certainly has a point. Let me know when it is being televised, although the films are never as good as the blog. Am still laughing at that one.

  2. Oh I loved this one. At first, I thought it was going to be two sheep discussing existential angst…and now I am just trying to picture an egregious moth. Sounds like an acid metal band mascot.

    • No, Lamont and Dude are a couple of guys who remember many of their various incarnations. If you search them, you’ll get their whole story (so far). It started a couple of years ago (maybe) when Lamont was on Oprah (in my blog, not real life). I’m going to have to cull all those posts and do something with them because the story is funny. Just search “Lamont” on my blog for more fun with our two favorite former Velociraptors. (That was my advertisement 🙂 )

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